Indian Vegan

Are you vegetarian or a vegan?


Do you struggle to find great cuisines that allow you to venture out?


Indian food is one the best cuisines for vegetarians and vegans as there are a surplus of vegetable dishes available. You can one fruit or vegetable at least four or five different ways. Take okra for example: You can eat them whole in curry, you can fry them, your can mince them up to make a very thick curry base, you can steam them, you can bake the okra, and these are just to name a few varieties.


India’s population comprises of 79.8% of Hindus and 14% of Muslims while the reminder 6% are a mix of other faiths. Hindus do not eat a cow as it is considered to be very sacred animal and a Muslim will not eat pork as it is considered to be dirty animal.


There are a lot of foods that you can still get your sufficient amount of proteins and fibers from. Some people choose to be a vegetarian or vegan out of ethics of not killing an animal while others have known nothing but to be a vegetarian or vegan. WhateveVegetable Shaslickr your reason or choice to be a vegetarian or vegan Indian cuisine is the best for.


A vegetarian does not include any meat, poultry, and seafood in their diet and some vegetarians also exclude dairy and eggs from diet.


A vegan also does not consume any of the above items. In addition, vegans exclude honey, any foods made using animal products in anyway, and refrain from household products, certain types of clothing, and anything that is tested on animals.


Eating Indian food is the best if you are vegan and by default vegetarian, because of the many options and as a nation beef is not consumed easily unless you are someone with means. Although, today, in restaurants and family homes you will find dishes that are non-vegetarian. You can enjoy everything like ice-cream or the famous Indian chai with coconut milk.

Here at An Indian Affair we have many vegan dishes that are a huge hit. Some dishes have surprised Hope you Had A Vegan Affair Today-me as I am of Indian descent and have never been a big fan of authentic Indian food. I would say the appetizers are amazing as these are fruits and vegetables I have enjoyed eating while growing up. The Gobi Manchurian (cauliflower florets) was definitely a dish that took me by surprise. I have had cauliflower many times but never with this amazing twist of flavours.
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By Fatima Sumar